20 oz Insulated Double Wall Stainless Steel Powder Coated Coffee Travel Mug

Product Name: Wholesale 18oz coffee travel mug car tumbler vacuum insulated double wall stainless steel powder coated tumblers coffee mugs Material: 316/304/201 Stainless Steel Performance: Keep cold & Hot Color: Customized Package: Bubble Bag+Egg Crate or according to your request Trade Terms: FOB, CIF, CFR, DDP, DAP, DDU Certificate: LFGB, FDA, BPA Free

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Model SDO-M023-T18
Capacity 530ML
Packing 24PCS
N.W 7.3KGS
G.W 9.8KGS
Meas 57.2*38.8*21.6cm
construction area: 36000 square meters Employees:about 460 sales amount in 2021: about USD20,000,000 Daily output:60000pcs/dayTalk about coffee cup Coffee cup (Coffee cup), as the name suggests, is a cup mainly used for drinking coffee. The coffee cup is an important part of the coffee drinking experience and an indispensable carrier. The characteristics of the coffee cup Although some people do not know the difference between coffee cups, water cups, tea cups, milk cups, beer cups, etc., and often use them together, it is important to understand that coffee cups are obviously different from other similar utensils. First of all, the temperature of coffee is generally high. In order to prevent hands from being scalded, coffee cups will have protection facilities. The most common ones are the handle of the cup, or the plastic cup sleeve that covers the outside of the cup, or the saucer under it. There are also some cups with a double-layer design, and there is a heat-insulating gap between the inner layer and the outer layer. Secondly, in order to ensure a consistent and stable taste of coffee, the material of the coffee cup has better heat insulation effect. Most people don't like the feeling of half-drinked coffee that turns into iced coffee. Thirdly, the coffee cups are relatively small and exquisite (except for a few specially designed for cattle drinkers), the design is unconstrained and unconstrained, and the personalized elements are extremely rich. Therefore, coffee cups are generally not produced in a large-scale standardized manner, resulting in most of the coffee cups being limited editions. Many well-designed coffee cups have disappeared from human history (sorry!), and only exist in the memories of some people or in Internet photos. middle. So it is not surprising that some enthusiasts spend a lot of money to collect their favorite coffee cups. Finally, the coffee cup has a very profound cultural heritage. Although it is not mentioned in Tang Poetry and Song Ci, there are still many legends about it in the world cultural heritage. Taxonomy of coffee cups According to the material, the types of coffee cups are as follows: # There are many kinds of ceramic coffee cups, the most popular one is the mug # Glass coffee cup, so you can fully see what the coffee looks like # Metal coffee cups, most of which are stainless steel, some people say that this kind of cup can make coffee have a special taste of rust # Paper coffee cups, go to McDonald's to drink coffee and give you the kind of cups # Plastic coffee cups, sometimes used to brush teeth #... According to the use, coffee cups can be divided into: # espresso cup # Americano Cup # instant coffee mug Divided by size, coffee cups can be divided into small cups, medium cups, and large cups. Brand of coffee cup == Most coffee-related commercial brands will have their own OEM coffee cups. The more famous ones are Starbucks coffee cups and Nescafe coffee cups. Except for some unrestrained people, they are basically these two types. The heavyweight brands of coffee cups are: blabla... but, The best coffee mugs are unbranded ones. The best coffee mug is the one you love, but often can't have. The best coffee mugs pop up around the corner and then suddenly disappear. Like the coffee mug in the picture above. The most comfortable coffee mug is the one you own right now and use every day. Accessories for coffee mugs spoon It needs to be used when adding sugar and milk. The most common material is stainless steel, but wood is also available. Generally, wooden coffee spoons will be painted, and there may be potential safety hazards. It is best to choose a reliable brand. stirring rod There is generally no need to use a spoon if you have one. But McDonald's will only give you plastic stir sticks, not spoons. coaster The role of the coaster is to avoid scalding the table on the one hand. If the coffee is too hot, it may deform the wooden table or cause an overreaction (burst) on the glass table; on the other hand, it increases friction and reduces the risk of being knocked over by human hands Probability, splashing clothes or keyboard is trivial, submerging laptop can cause property damage


Q1. Why choose STEEL? A1. With 23 years of experience in the development and manufacture of various Eco beverages, specializing in the production of stainless steel tumbler, stainless steel water bottles and cups, coffee accompanying cups, mugs and accessories, plastic glass water cups, etc. Q2. What’s your MOQ? A2. Usually our MOQ is 3000pcs, which will vary according to your custom requirements. Q3. How can I get your offer? A3. Welcome to contact us by email, Whats app,Wechat or Alibaba Trade Manager etc. Kindly please let us know your detail. Q4. can you accept customize? A4. of course, we can provide OEM and ODM service.  

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